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1 Jun

On Seinfeld and Intervention

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In the Seinfeld episode, “The Pez Dispenser,” Jerry and his friends plan an intervention for a friend who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. The intervention somehow becomes a get-together of unintended guests and one of Kramer’s “polar bear” swimming friends tells of his experience with interventions. “We used to do that when one of [...]

28 May

Rehab from an Outsider’s Perspective

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I have never been to rehab, although I know a few people who have. A good friend of mine is a graduate of the original Betty Ford Center and his sobriety has lasted several decades. God bless Betty Ford! The only version of rehab I know is “Celebrity Rehab”, which looks like a country club [...]

15 May

Anyone Can Be an Alcoholic

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One of the most charming aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous is its complete anonymity. People are not forced to reveal their name if they don’t want to, and the use of last names are completely frowned upon. “Outing” someone as an alcoholic in the outside world is a major “no-no”. I worked with a man who [...]

25 Mar

The Last Drink

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The last drink I had is one I don’t remember. I wonder how many other people can say that? Probably many. I remember part of the night, I remember what I wore, I remember at least one of the places I visited, but that last drink or the several before it are less than a [...]

18 Feb

Dr. Drew’s Funhouse

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I'm a reality TV maniac. I love "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars". I have been watching "Survivor" since that freak walked naked on the beach. Heck, I even remember Real World San Francisco and that incredibly despicable, Puck. Now, I am addicted to "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew. My husband, who is several [...]

15 Feb

When A Man Loves A Woman

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I have been sitting here at the computer all day and thought I would take a break and pick out a few movies on Netflix. I roamed through the romantic comedy category and came across dear Meg Ryan, which led me to gorgeous Andy Garcia, which led me to "When A Man Loves A Woman." [...]

12 Feb

The Hellgramite Method

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There are, of course, many ways to stop drinking. I chose outright abstinence with a little support from a therapist. Some of my best friends have gone the Alcoholics Anonymous route. Modern medicine has recognized the need to supplement simple human will power with medications that work to aid in the prevention of alcoholism. Some [...]

29 Dec

De Nile Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

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Like I have said, I never considered myself an alcoholic, simply a constant, heavy drinker who got into a little trouble and decided to quit. Is that the definition of "alcoholic"? Alcoholism is a large umbrella that covers several categories of drinking. Alcohol abuse is one type of alcoholism, almost considered the step before alcohol [...]

23 Dec

Am I Crossing the Line?

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I spent all of yesterday morning in a dental chair, getting my gums poked and numerous teeth drilled. The pain then was extraordinary. The pain today is agony. Being an ex-drinker. I have experienced mixed feelings regarding medications, especially those that contribute to me "losing control." So, when a dentist asks me if I want [...]