It’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays – it’s “Bowl Week”, followed by the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. I love sports and I love football but I think I’m getting tired of all the beer commercials. While sitting here, watching the third bowl game of the day, I realized how much importance is put on alcohol in our society. Every third commercial is for some type of alcohol. In the old days, only beer was advertised.

Today I saw an ad for vodka, of all things, featuring Puff Daddy, or whatever his name is these days. He was advertising his own line of vodka, Ciroc, “an ultra-premium, smooth vodka”. The distributor is just using his image as a selling tool. There were a few beer commercials on, and they, too, featured young men and women and were marketing the younger audience.

Alcohol Abuse Hotline

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, the newest and best beer commercials are launched. In the past they have featured frogs, dogs, horses and people with catch-phrases that we could all repeat the next day at work. The commericals were fun and family friendly. Now a days it seems like the commercials are more about sex and booze.

Although the ads about alcohol now all say, “Drink responsibly” (whatever that means), they are careful to not expose what drinking irresponsibly looks like.

Since some of the commercials are targeting a younger audience they should have to bare the naked truth about the damage alcohol use and abuse can have on one’s body and life.