Why is it that I have such a hard time seeing Marsha Brady as an alcoholic? Was she not perfect (except for that broken nose)? Didn’t she have it all? How did Marsha Brady (Maureen McCormick) turn into an alcoholic? Why did success not buffer her from addiction?

The singer we know as “Pink” (Alecia Moore), is gorgeous, talented, super-rich, and checked into rehab this past summer for alcohol abuse. If a girl that has it all still needs to drink, what chance do we have?

The video shown repeatedly on television last year, showing David Hasselhoff drunkenly eating a hamburger and mumbling into the camera was disturbing. Nothing is worse than seeing an alcoholic at the bottom, in action, totally bombed. Some may see it as funny, some may see it as revolting, I see it as a reminder that all of us could be there at any time.

Heather Locklear, a gorgeous 47-year-old television star was arrested for DUI and found to be under the influence of drugs. A woman that is beautiful, famous, and appears to have it all still needs drugs to get through her day.

Last but not least, dear Mary Tyler Moore. The picture of perfection in the 70’s: the big smile, the friendly personality, extraordinary career, the enormous talent, and millions of fans. Apparently that was not enough for Mary who turned to excessive amounts of alcohol to get through her days.

How can we, as mere mortals, get through our days? We have bills to pay, jobs we don’t like, worries about our future. If Mary Tyler Moore can’t make it without a drink, what chance do we have?